New York January Coin Sale to Feature Noteworthy Rarities

New York January Coin Sale to Feature Noteworthy Rarities Dec 13 2013 Coins

The Spink Collector's Series sale in NY, January 14-15 2014, will feature the Gerald W. Jackson Collection of British Pennies. The collection is largely made up of a select group of Hammered types and late 18th Century onwards large Coppers.

Hammered highlights include:

An East Anglian Sceat or Transitional Penny of Beonna (749-760 or later). Less than a handful of these Interlace types are known and should be considered the first silver Penny of East Anglia.


A unique Hiberno-Norse Penny of Anlaf V (1029-1034), Norse ruler of Dublin. This coin is the only known example in his name.


A handsome Portrait Penny of Alfred the Great (871-899), London mint, moneyer Tilewine.


Victoria Penny lots, numbering 59, are all high-grade and include a good amount of Proofs and rarities. The Jackson collection also includes a choice group of Mexican Crowns, with a concentration of Peso types, such as 'Caballitos'; and a broad offering of Icelandic coins including a number of quite Rare Proof strikes.

Other properties include a pleasing group of Ancient Greek silver, highlighted by a lovely Syracusan Dekadrachm, and a Tetradrachm of Akanthos, ca. 430-390 BC; and sundry world coins, medals and currency, including a Very Rare Yemeni Gold Rial (5 Lira) of Imam Yahya, AH 1344.