Exhibitions, Shows and Fairs; a Busy Year for Spink

Exhibitions, Shows and Fairs; a Busy Year for Spink Jan 18 2016

2015 has been a very exciting year for Spink in terms of public presence at shows and exhibitions. A bright Spink Purple stand has become a regular sight at the major philatelic and numismatic shows around the world, manned by friendly and knowledgeable specialists.

Some of the highlights have been Spink's asserted presence at Stampex, Europhilex and Monacophil.


 The Spink stand at Stampex


 The Spink stand at Monacophil

But their role as a key sponsor and official auctioneer to the World Stamp Exhibition in Singapore cannot go unmentioned. 


 The Spink Stand at the World Stanp Exhibition

Spink would like to thank everyone who supported us by visiting our booth, we think you will agree that it was one of the most eye-catching of the booths adjacent to the Court of Honour!

We would also like to thank all of our clients and staff that made the five exceptional auctions that took place during the event possible! During the event three world records, over 2,500 lots were sold and a book launched in the space of four days - phew!

Aside from Philatelic events, Spink were also an avid supporter of Maastricht Paper Money Fair, FUN fair, the Memphis Paper Money Show and The Hong Kong Coin Fair, London, York and Birmingham Coin Fairs and Coinex! Spink always bring a selection of titles to accompany the stand and catch the eye of passing numatists at our stand; and Frank Goon, Maury and Coins of England have been popular to the extreme.


 The Spink stand at Maastricht

Our Medal department have also been making strides to stay at the forefront of the Militaria collectors interests by regular attending and hosting the OMRS meetings and fairs, and also put on a spectacular exhibition in honour of the 200thanniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.


Our London showroom was packed with wonderful items from the war, including a Brigade-Major's scarlet long-tailed coat worn by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Thomas Harris at the Duchess of Richmond's Ball and afterwards on the field of Waterloo. We even had items from the French side, such as a signet ring belonging to French General Count Francois Roguet, who was made a Count of the French Empire in 1813 and who was Colonel of the Grenadiers a Pied of the Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo and took part in the final assault. 

Waterloo 2

2015 also saw a first for Spink; On October 5-6th 2015, Spink was delighted to have the opportunity to lead the way for Artcurial, a well-established French auction-house, to get a footing in the vibrant Asian art market with the sale: 'From Paris to Hong Kong'. Using Spink's state of the art Auction room, spread out over two evenings, the sale was a magnificent success, grossing an incredible 63M HKD/7.25M euros/8.2M US dollars (including buyer's premium). 

Artcurial d

As 2016 is Spink's 350th year as a business of the utmost repute, watch this space to see what new heights Spink will reach! Much is planned to celebrate such an important year and we will keep you informed!