A First for Spink: Artcurial

A First for Spink: Artcurial Jan 19 2016

On October 5-6th 2015, Spink was delighted to have the opportunity to lead the way for Artcurial, a well-established French auctionhouse, to gain a footing in the vibrant Asian art market with the sale: 'From Paris to Hong Kong'. Using Spink's state of the art Auction room, spread out over two evenings, the sale was a magnificent success, grossing an incredible 63M HKD/7.25M euros/8.2M US dollars (including buyer's premium). 


The sale was in two parts, each comprising of lots of the highest caliber, grace and beauty. The first half of the sale was entitled: Comics and Illustrations, Objects of Vertu and Works of Art and had the tenacity to achieve not one, but two records and two lots realising at over I million euros! As Artcurial's first ever auction of comics in Asia this was a spectacular result for the Artcurial team and for the Spink one. Lot number 1,The Blue Lotus, the stunning illustration from Hergé, with its beautiful geometric lines that simultaneously convey a quiet movement efficiently yet with a certain amount of juxtaposing stylized flair. This was a lot that we knew would sell very well, many bids were put in, yet still it realised HK$9,625,000, (1.1 M euros/1.25 M US dollars) well exceeding the low estimate of HK$8,600,000. For the only original drawing left from this mythical album left in private hands, this was a stunning result. 

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And then there were the records! Lot 6, an Enki BilalThe Kikopol Trilogy - Vol. 2, The Woman Traprealised at a fantastic HK$ 3,145,000 (361.000 euros/410.000 US dollars) with Lot 18, the enigmaticLe Garage Hermétiqueby Moebius (Jean Giraud dit) swiftly following suit; realising HK$3,145,000 (280.000 euros/315.000 US dollars). A very encouraging start to what would go on to be an excellent sale, setting the bar very high.

The second part of the auction took place on October 6thand was entitled: Motorcar & Elegant Lifestyle, Impressionist & Modern Art, Post-War & Contemporary Art. With such big footsteps to follow in Spink and Artcurial couldn't be more thrilled with the success of this section too. 

One of the stars of the second section of the sale was Artcurial's first ever classic car to be sold in a hong kong auction, a very rare Mercedes (lot 200) which realised: HK$10,000,000 (1.135M euros/1.3M US dollars). Not to be outshine however, was the single owner collection belonging to a Noble European Family which grossed HK$4,600,000 (529.000 euros/548.000 US dollars and with a stunning  77% of lots sold). And the excellent results didn't stop there, no less than four Buffet poaintings were sold together at HK$8,000,000 (924.430 euros/ 1M US dollars). 

Months of hardwork and two evenings of fast-paced auctioning have paid off for the Artcurial and Spink teams, with the sale all-in-all reaching over 3 times its estimate. From Artcurial and Spink we would like to thank all of our specialists, auction teams and especially our clients who made such a successful event happen