Auction: 7027 - The Half Lengths of Victoria 1850-59 - The Gary Diffen Collection
Lot: 1

x 1901 reprint of the die made at the instigation of the Duke of York (later King George V) in black on surfaced paper (91x133mm.). The plate had room for twelve positions, the three dies being positions 10, 11 and 12. Incomplete and faint engravings of the Queen´s portrait appear in positions 4 and 7. The 2d. exhibits damage in the left border which led to abandonment of this value in late 1852, and was subsequently defaced by a series of fine scratches. Only five examples are recorded, one in the Royal collectionR Estimate £ 6,500-7,500 This reprint is illustrated on the inside front cover of "Victoria: The Half Length Portraits and Twopence Queen Enthroned" by Charles Lathrop Pack. provenance: Pack, Purves

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