Auction: 16012 - Meiso Mizuhara, The Exhibition Collections, The Chinese Customs Post
Lot: 1720

1897 Revenue Surcharges
The Small One Dollar
$1 on 3c. red [2] part to large part original gum with part hinge remainders at top. Fresh, bright colour on white paper; there is small patch at the top of the stamp which shows slightly greater transparency. It is difficult to tell whether this is a slight thinning of the paper or a small area where oil from the hinges has affected the paper. This does not detract from its magnificent appearance. A very good example of this legendary rarity.

There is a dot joining the central parts of the character one.

provenance: McCleave

W.K.Gee, 1957

references: Number A-19 in Huang Kuang Sheng, A Treatise on the extant copies of the Small One Dollar, 1975

Type III 8 in The Revenue Surcharges China 1897, 1987

These two stamps form a horizontal pair from the top left corner of the pane

Sold for HK$5,200,000

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